Returning to active development on the 'net, but with a portfolio of over 150 Internet domains, requires a team w/ discipline, experience and patience. And, coffee. Lots of coffee.

Once upon a time, cowcreekgeek served as more than a DNS Server (and the username of it's ghost). Times and roles change, but the true principles involved here? Those never will.

There's a new generation on the 'net, and despite some of 'em being younger than cowcreekgeek's logo? Many of them are more skilled at hacking code than most of us ever were -- which is great! They're supposed to be: That's what happens, where freedoms and rights extend w/o prejudice or limitation to all …

LEGAL NOTICE: The domain, and the network upon which it is served, is the property of a legal resident of the State of West Virginia, and {ns1, ns2} extends the cowcreekgeek umbrella into Washington, D.C.

 heckertGNU from

'Bold GNU Head' by Aurelio A. Heckert

As a fitting tribute, the content published upon this Web site's pages is released under GNU Verbatim Copying License, just as the historical pages of cowcreekgeek were before this century began: 33 years ago today [September 27th, 1983], the great champion of 'free (as in freedom) software' Richard Stallman made his initial announcement of the GNU Project. "Free Unix!"

As for the content behind these pages? The valid and fully accessible html/css from those earliest pages still render quite nicely on my newest devices: Once completed, and cleaned up? A updated 'mobile first' and 'responsive' but 'accessible always' foundation following the HTML5+RDFa 1.1 specification will be released under a creative commons license.