Drupal has proven the best choice for dozens of projects and applications, but a WordPress multisite better serves the needs of our combined philanthropic efforts (i.e. it’s the CMS most folks are used to ~;-)

THRONG LTD, being based in the “good faith” State of West Virginia, is the Unincorporated Nonprofit Association under which SWARM becomes THR.ONG, and Technologies for Humanities and Rights Technology for Humanity and Rights (THR) becomes THR.NGO.

We’ve proven well the power of many. We’ve seen 20+ Web sites up/running w/in hours, as an most effective countermeasure against corrupted public processes, intended to strip away what belongs to the public, to serve only a few. (As usual, from the poor, to the wealthy and influential.)

We redefine Google’s definition:

  1. a [series of] large, densely packed crowds, pressing relentlessly to right wrongs, to affect positive change, and (pre)serve freedoms for all to enjoy.

    crowdhorde, mass, multitude, host, armyherdflockdroveswarmmobseatrooppackcrush; collection, company, gathering, congregation, gaggle, bunch, gang, etc.

Forwwward.Org promotes responsible Web development through better communications, careful research and peer review. Nearly every project presents unique circumstances under which ‘the right thing’ isn’t always clear… we strive, always, to do nothing less.

Forward, as a direction, is relative not only to the direction you are facing, but to what others around us are facing as well.

Often, we build Web sites to benefit other organizations, or redirect traffic to their Web sites (e.g. heifer.international, med.gift, hopkins.science, et. al.), at no cost to them.

We are ‘rethinking’ our think tank model and, as problems.need.solutions returns to the ‘net, we will be wwworking globally: The brightest ideas, and most innovative approaches, must no longer go unheard.

They never should have, but now that Web sites and applications are cheaper than good dirt? There’s no reason they should.